Artificial Trust (Final year project)

You’re going to have to trust me

Artificial Trust is a two player, asymmetric trust exercise where you cannot be sure if the other player is on your side. The game pits AI versus secret agent with two different play-styles:

As the AI, you have control over the building. Lock doors, switch lights off and spy through cameras as you try to manipulate the environment and the agent to do your bidding. Meanwhile, the agent is accessing files and flipping switches, perhaps to sabotage the AI or maybe just get some information.


See the trailer below:


If you have the right set up, you can download the current version here.


Pong meets players. A local multiplayer game with one input for each player. Flip the ball away with your paddle and be the last paddle standing! We created this game in partnership with Lifelites, an organisation which provides technology to children hospices across the nation.

Play with friends and download it here!

Operation Hightower

Operation Hightower

Platformer – 2014 – PC

NeonGames I was one half of the programmers on this project, with the brief of creating a 2D platformer that would help teach children the process of creating a game in terms of gameplay and design. My level (see below) was focused on having multiple objectives to achieve before completing a level.

Download it here.