Pong meets players. A local multiplayer game with one input for each player. Flip the ball away with your paddle and be the last paddle standing! We created this game in partnership with Lifelites, an organisation which provides technology to children hospices across the nation.

Play with friends and download it here!

An Abstract Kind of Feel

Chu Chu Rocket meets an art gallery. These surveyors of art only want the best of the best, which just happens to be things that look just like them. It’s your job to design these abstract galleries to suit the selection of narcissists at the door!

The game is currently in progress with updates coming soon!


I worked as a junior programmer for Duck Duck Zeus on their game, Jacob:

“A free and simple puzzle game/experience with a scientific twist – it’s evidence-based, using research on societal inequalities to determine game difficulty.”

It was published by the Centre For Longitudinal Studies and can be downloaded here.