Binding of Isaac Mods

I have an embarrasingly high amount of play hours in the Binding of Isaac series, which is fast approaching 1,000 hours! Now to make myself not cry in despair over such a large amount of time wasted spent (and let’s not even dwell on the hours logged on TF2 and Dota 2…) I thought I’d ought to learn how to make mods for the game!

These mods were created in LUA, which is a lot different that the c# that I’m used to!

As I make more I’ll leave the links here:

Mains Trinket


Leaf Trinket


Missing Piece

Inspired from a gamejam prompt of the same name, here’s my take on a game with a missing piece!

You can set the rules however you like, you can change the values of the pieces, or aim to be the first to capture your opponents knight, or simply try and get the highest score in a certain amount of turns!

Download the game here or through!




Capitalist Block

Capitalist Block is a simple block building game where you create the tetrominoes that will be sent down to… another game. Do a good job and you will earn more money which you can spend on nice things over the weekend. Do a bad job…

Created for the weekly one-hour game jam with the theme: So Tired…

Then I spent a good deal more to get it to what it is now.

12 Achievements and an abundance of pallet swaps!

Download it here, or alternatively download it from

Artificial Trust (Final year project)

You’re going to have to trust me

Artificial Trust is a two player, asymmetric trust exercise where you cannot be sure if the other player is on your side. The game pits AI versus secret agent with two different play-styles:

As the AI, you have control over the building. Lock doors, switch lights off and spy through cameras as you try to manipulate the environment and the agent to do your bidding. Meanwhile, the agent is accessing files and flipping switches, perhaps to sabotage the AI or maybe just get some information.


See the trailer below:


If you have the right set up, you can download the current version here.